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Remember . . .

Just because an internet page has been amended recently, do not assume that the information is current. Don't assume that any internet content keeps up with current law and regulations — This even applies to Federal or State websites. Take adequate steps to assure yourself that the material you review on the internet is an authoritative source — and even if it is, that the information there is not outdated.

Even this website should not be regarded as authoritative or current — Seek specific advice tailored to your circumstances from your attorneys and consultants.

Seek adequate counsel . . .

If you are on the business/operations side of your company, always exercise judgment aided by your regulatory affairs or compliance officers, and counsel. Keep them informed about your business operations so that they can render advice specific to your need and circumstance.

These web pages, as with all commercial web sites or paper brochures, are for information purposes only, and are not legal advice tailored to your own circumstances.

Lawyer/Client Privileges - Confidences and Secrets

We strongly suggest that you protect your communications with this firm and its lawyers. The web and eMail are generally not a secure means of communication, and we recommend that you contact us directly at the phone number and address below. Please note that we can not be engaged on your behalf unless we agree in advance, in writing.

Legal Advice

The information on this site is general in nature, only, and not designed to provide legal advice based on specific circumstances. Your best protection follows contacting a lawyer directly for an open and frank examination of your situation. We ask that you contact us at the phone number or address below.

Every case and circumstance is unique. With any legal counsel, and with any consultant, you should not regard prior experience or success as a measure of your prospects for success or a particular outcome. There are risks, with any planning or strategy, for adverse results and unplanned contingencies.

Fields of Practice

Licenses and certifications outside of the practice of law are regulated by their respective state and federal agencies.

With respect to the practice of law, please note that our description of the areas of practice does not imply or state any certification, specialization or expertise in any areas of law, unless a lawyer identifies a certification recognized by a State Bar Association or regulatory authority. For more information, please call us at the phone number below.

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General Internet Safety

In the modern Internet environment, content can be interrupted or modified without prior or current knowledge of those that author and maintain any domain, including this one. Any of the routing points between a user's client device and a source server could be maliciously attacked and content disrupted, changed or tracked. It is incumbent upon every Internet user to be aware of these dangers, and undertake the responsibility for such necessary local and usage steps to protect themselves from harm, including being aware of the data source, the transport protocols and transport service providers, and including using carefully maintained anti-virus and protection software.

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