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Design Theology for This Domain

Authorship and contact for errors

This website is authored by John Ruskin using common HTML and CSS elements, a design strategy providing a common look and feel across all browsers. If you have problems with the design on your browser, or are aware of any errors in design or content, please contact me and let me know.

The focus is on content. If you have questions about the content, please contact me directly.

The identical content is served to all browsers and for all devices. Some minor variability occurs in layout across browsers (for example, the appearance of borders' color or width). Unfortunately, due to time constraints, no effort is made to design specifically for smart phones, other than to present a simplified layout which adapts reasonably well to their screens and usage.

Specific design goals and theology

Text based, HTML files, avoiding use of image files, flash and other processor and bandwidth intensive add-ons.

Low file sizes

Lower bandwidth required, resulting in quicker downloads when coupled with low bandwidth internet connections

Assistance for the visually impaired: by preference for relying on black text on white backgrounds, minimizing use of alternative colors and avoiding distracting backgrounds. While not fully compliant with visual impaired site design standards, this site should be accessible to the visually impaired on typical browsers. One major exception is the exclusion of the author's phone number and address within the image fields used to display that information - to preserve the author's sanity by eliminating junk email and robo-calls.

Avoiding graphic files for textual information. Again, reducing bandwidth and improving accessibility. The only exceptions are address and phone number displays, to preserve the author's sanity by eliminating junk email and robo-calls.

Preference for CSS based layout tools, forging a consistent look/feel to the website, with less design effort -- more effort placed into content. In limited places, for limited purposes, there are some "script lines for formatting

Use of the CSS "max-width: 10in" to minimize the over-wide site presentation on common, wide screen laptops.

No cookies. No background analytical tools. No 3rd party content. There are some URL references to off-site content, where relevant -- for example to government documents. URLs directed to other sites, the NFIP, for example, are clearly delineated as such, in surrounding text, and/or in the URL displayed. Those sites may likely use cookies, and tracking scripts and similar utilities.

Scripting and/or Background tracking tools

No tracking tools or cookies are used on this website and its sub-domains. Limited scripting is used for formatting, in Lieu of CSS, in limited cases.

Disabling cookies or other trackers, using private browsing, or disabling javascript will not break any content on this domain or any of its sub-domains. Blocking graphics will limit visualization of presented graphic imagery; this domain and all of its sub-domains do not use graphic files for tracking. Using Ghostery or AdBlock should not break any content, unless one accidentally blocks content on this site or external sites referred to, using AdBlock tools.