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False Claims Act and Qui Tam Litigation

How we can assist with False Claims and Qui tam

Knowing it exists is NOT enough.

Your ability to identify claims and prosecute claims will depend on the assembly of large amounts of information accumulated over years.

What can we do?:

If you've landed here, you're concerned about either the defense or prosecution of claims under federal or equivalent state false claims acts. We can review the claim, the history and outline how to prosecute the claim, to completion.

We are also available if you face a claim, or are concerned and wish to minimize the risk of Qui Tam actions, or consider self-reporting to appropriate regulatory or prosecuting authorities.

We will gladly contribute to the coordination of the documentation, and even implementation of a compliance program, with your existing counsel.

What else can we do?:

You might also require innovative and professional investigation of claims, which can assist their prosecution or defense. We are able to assemble an appropriate and cost effective team for the examination of claims, reporting directly or thru counsel, as appropriate.

What will it cost?:

Talk with us.