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Taking Pictures of Damaged Contents
As Part of a Contents Claim for Insurance

Purpose - Documenting condition at the time of loss

Photographs document the condition of your property, at the time of the photograph. It is important to obtain pictures and images as soon as possible after the damage occurs. Among other things, properly selected photos will show:

Images from before the loss may also demonstrate condition and wear, and will affect the calculation of depreciation, and the reimbursable value by the insurer.

Some hints on photos, images or pictures:

These suggestions on photos may assist in the documentation of a claim for damages of contents:

Remember to protect your property from further damage

You have an obligation to mitigate your damages -- even if you didn't have insurance or another person liable for your damages, it would be wise to protect your things from further damage. Photographs can help document mitigation: take pictures of your property after you have moved it to a place where is safe from further damage.

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