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Depreciation and Insurance Claims

What is depreciation?

Depreciation is a measure of age and condition, with a given lifetime.

It may be referred to as a value (in dollars), or a percentage, or a number of years. However expressed, "depreciation" accounts for the difference between what something cost, new, and what it might be worth, now. Commonly, for insurance claims, the calculation determines the difference between current replacement cost and current value.

Why is depreciation important? Because, in the end, an insurance policy may only pay you current value or depreciated value for a damaged thing, as part of a residential or commercial property claim, a claim from an automobile wreck, or from a contents claim after a hurricane, fire or flood. ( An example of how depreciation is calculated, and a claim is paid. )

A typical policy might use the phrase: "Actual Cash Value" ("ACV") as part of the language describing how the claim is settled. One method of estimating "Actual Cash Value" uses current replacement cost less the depreciation.

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How Depreciation Impacts Your Insurance Claim

An Example of a Depreciation Calculation - How to Estimate Depreciation

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What is "Actual Cash Value" or "ACV" in an insurance policy

What is Actual Cash Value , and how is it estimated or calculated for insurance claims

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