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What to Expect During an
Initial Consultation


To ask questions, and listen to each other, during a short time-frame, so we might learn what problem brought you to ask for my advice or services, and to learn how I might help you.

During our first meeting

I hope that you discover:

I expect that the information you give me will identify:

After our first meeting

At the conclusion of our first meeting, I would let you know if I think I can help you. You should have enough information to decide whether to engage my services. I would hope that we can both identify what additional, intial information I require, to determine the scope of work you need, and how I might help your cause.

When you decide to engage me, whether at that meeting or at a later time, we will describe more precisely what it is I am to do. It is likely that, before I agree to assist you, I will write a retainer letter, i.e., a contract that describes what you expect of me and at what cost, along with other important information. My engagement would only begin after we have both agreed to the terms of representation in that retainer agreement.

After this initial discussion, I may identify additional information you should provide, and which I must review, before I can identify the scope of your problem, and my ability to address your problem.

It is plausible that this subsequent review would be after my paid engagement, and could lead to a situation where I am paid to help us determine that my continued involvement is not required, not appropriate or prohibited, and/or that another professional's advice is required in place of or in addition to my counsel.

What not to expect from an initial meeting

It is unlikely that I will resolve your problems during our first meeting. An exception might be where my services are not appropriate, and the solution is obvious.

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John Ruskin is a Louisiana attorney and a licensed adjuster in multiple states.

Additional background on John Ruskin is available here.