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Attorney Fees for Criminal Defense - Ruskin & Associates

Criminal Defense:

We encourage our potential clients to evaluate different lawyers, as so much of the representation depends on a close relationship between attorney and client.

Like many attorneys, our fees for representation depend on the complexity of the case. For example:

In criminal cases, most of the expense is your attorney's time. Most lawyers practicing criminal law require special circumstances to defer payment, and as the attorney's fee is closely connected to the time your lawyer spends on your case, you should be careful when evaluating the various fees proposed, and the services you expect.

In some cases, there can be other expenses. This is not common in simpler cases, but as the complexity of the charge increases, it is more likely that your case might benefit by expenses such as:

The lawyer your hire is your choice, alone. The choice to spend is yours, alone. Your lawyer should be able to explain what is needed in your case, and the time your lawyer will devote to evaluate and defend your case.

We hope you will consider our firm. At our firm, the principle attorney at the firm handling criminal cases is John Ruskin. Call him for a confidential review of your case, and a fee proposal.