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Difference Between Flood Insurance and Homeowners Insurance

Insurance to cover risk from flood is not part of a typical home insurance product. Therefore, it is important to discuss flood risk and available alternative coverage with your insurance agent or broker.

One of the alternative policies is flood insurance with the NFIP (the "National Flood Insurance Program").

The NFIP flood policy is very different from typical home insurance, and these differences should be discussed with your agent or broker when shopping for home insurance. More information is available about the differences between home insurance and flood insurance policies.

There are also differences between flood claims and homeowners insurance claims. These differences should be discussed with your adjuster, attorney or your insurance agent, in the event of a flood loss.

For more information on how to prepare for an insurance claim, or assistance with a flood or home insurance claim, please contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below. More background on John Ruskin may be found here.