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How to Help Your Adjuster Prepare Your Insurance Claim

Contacting the Insurance Company

If you have an insurance policy, and have called your insurer, you will receive a call from an adjuster assigned by the insurance company. This individual may either be a company adjuster, or an independent adjuster hired for that claim.

Be prepared to show your adjuster all the details of the loss. Your preparation will go a long way towards assisting your adjuster -- with your help, your adjuster will efficiently and accurately document the loss to your insurer. Remember that your professional adjuster may notice more damage than you initially identify.

Other Guidance

We provide services related to losses, whether or not insured. Some initial guidance may be found for property claims, business claims, and contents claims.

For assistance after a loss to your business, home or other property
Contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below.

Obligation to Cooperate

Insurance policies typically require that you cooperate with the insurer and the assigned adjuster. This means that you must answer questions and make the damaged property available for inspection. The insurance company may require you to sign an affidavit of loss, and may even require you to answer questions under oath (though this is rare).

Helping your Adjuster

Aside from cooperation, these and other steps will help the processing of your claim:

If you have contents damage, these hints might help you document the claim:

Look here for more details on filing a contents claim.

For more information on how to prepare for an insurance claim, or assistance in the adjustment of insurance claims, please contact John Ruskin at the address or phone number, below.